Money Line Sports Bets Explained

When sports bettors make a moneyline wager, they are betting on the outright winner of the event, without taking the point spread into consideration. Moneyline wagering odds are posted on Major League Baseball, NFL and from the rest of the 5 popular betting sports at most Las Vegas and online sportsbooks. There are still favorites and underdogs, but instead of being handicapped or assisted by head starts or what is called point spreads, the competitors are given odds to win the game or event.

Let’s look at an NFL game where the New Orleans Saints are favorites against the Atlanta Falcons. The odds might look like this:

Saints -150
Falcons +130

If you bet on the Saints, you’ll have to risk $150 to win $100 (or any other variation like $75 to win $50 or $300 to win $200). If you bet on the Falcons, however, you stand to win $130 for every $100 you wager. If the final score of the game is tied, the wager will be graded “Push” and your money will be refunded.

Commission varies from 5 dollars for every $100 wagered up to 20 dollars on every $100 wagered on moneyline bets. It can even be higher if there is a wide price range between the betting favorite and underdog. Bettors should always check the terms and conditions posted at sportsbooks to look for the cutoff points on a 10 or 20 cents line before extra commission is added. A Las Vegas sports bettor may see a heavy favorite priced on the money line at �450 with the return varying between +375 and +350 on the heavy betting underdog. The best practice followed by professional sports bettors is to shop for the best odds and payouts for their betting side at the online or Las Vegas sportsbooks. Las Vegas and online sportsbooks all use very clever terms to describe their commission rate. To describe their commission sportsbooks often describe it as 10 cent or a 20-cent line. Cents sound cheap and its done to keep the commission rate irrelevant in the mind of a novice bettor. In reality 10 or 20 cents is the commission rate on a $1 single bet. A bettor who makes a $100 bet on a game at a 10 cents line is playing into a $10 line or if they are at an establishment that charges a 20-cent line is betting into a $20 line. Sports bettors can calculate the sportsbooks commission by viewing both the favorite and underdogs current prices. Here is an example of betting on a 10 cents line from Major League Baseball:

LA Dodgers +120
NY Mets �130

Had this been a 20 cents line the difference it would look like the following:

LA Dodgers +115
NY Mets �135

As you can see in the 20 cents model the underdog bettor is getting a smaller return for his $100 bet while the favorite bettor must put up 5 dollars more for every $100 returned on a winning bet. Over time this can add up for the professional bettor and that’s why a listener to sports betting radio shows will often hear the professional harp over and over how important it is to shop for the best number and to bet at Las Vegas or online sportsbooks that offers the sports bettor the best odds and charge the least amount of commission. A best practice followed by professionals is to track current odds for online or Las Vegas sportsbooks on the internet and not to get trapped into playing into a bad number at a bad price. Technology has impacted the industry as handheld internet devices have entered the professional bettors hands. The popular Apple IPhone and Verizon Storm allows users to browse the internet at fast speeds throughout their journey’s to Las Vegas sportsbooks to make bets. Since Las Vegas casinos are spread throughout the city professional will track live odds and place his or her bets at the location giving the professional gambler the best value.

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Get Ahead With Betfair

I am sure all of us could do with some extra money, an amount that would enable us to pay off a few debts or take a much needed break. Well This is possible with lay betting, where you actually lay a bet on something that won’t win. Lay betting began some time ago but has only gained popularity over the last few years because of the growth of betting exchanges.

You can lay a bet using betfair, a site that has won the operator of the year” award and is licensed and regulated by the gambling commission. Betfair has very simple instructions that make it very easy for the user, especially if you are new to the whole concept of betting. To become a member all you need to do is understand the whole concept and then sign up to the website, a very simple approach which helps you earn more.

Being customer centric, betfair ensures that every person who joins and begins betting is able to know what is happening using the advances in technology. Even if you are always on the go, you can receive updates and be connected by setting up and using your mobile. This website provides an insight into further developments and also offers other methods of earning such as refer and earn! Live updates are also available which makes betting simpler and more profitable. Added features such as the betfair calendar and betfair solution ensure that you are regularly updated on any major sporting event.

Betfair also has higher backing prices and more liquidity in the market, which in turn helps users to gain more from the whole betting process. The team at betfair welcome suggestions and ideas warmly, a concept that helps them improve the betting process and gives customers an opportunity to voice their opinions.

With this site you will find that the prices are a lot higher than conventional bookmakers, even with the 5% commission. Also huge prices are available with in running betting. If you want to take a chance with your selection, all you have to do is click on the back odds after the off and in the window put in your stake and the odds you want and submit. Quite often the horse that wins has a large spike in its graph of the odds. If you have left your bet on and the horses odds reach it then it is taken on. Nearly all horses except the winner end up at 999/1 but as there odds go out, if they finish late then you can take advantage of these large odds.

For laying purposes again the changing odds can be used to your advantage. Sometimes in running a horse in the lead can trade at odds on even at three furlongs out. As I write this a horse called steel city boy traded at 1.05 and was beaten by a horse called grazeon gold blend in a 6 furlong sprint. As you can imagine in a sprint there are horses that shoot off in the lead and there are hold up horses that come late. These are the sort of races that change rapidly at the end.

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Baccarat – Basics And Beyond

In a earlier article, I wrote that ALL you need to do while playing Baccarat is to decide whether to bet “Banker” or “Player”. I advised against betting on a tie, so that left ONLY that one decision to make.

Either place your bet in the area marked “Banker”, and if the bank wins, so do you.

Or, place your bet in the area marked “Player”, and if the player wins, you do also. Note: the ONLY difference in pay-out is that the Casino takes a 5% commission on all winning “Banker” bets, and none on winning “Player” bets.

My winning strategies will be exposed in an upcoming article, but before we can get to that, we must look at the game a little bit closer.

Both the Banker and the Player are dealt two cards. This is literal in the Pits, and only figurative at the mini-baccarat tables. That is to say, that in the pits, the shoe (holding eight decks) is passed around the table and everyone therefore in-turn becomes “the Banker”.

The “Player” is determined by the size of the “Player” bets. The person wagering the highest “Player” bet for the hand is therefore representing “The Player”.

On the mini-Baccarat tables, the dealer handles all cards. None are passed, and no one represents either the bank or the player.

The object of the game is to get closer to a hand total of Nine than your opponent.

Each card represents its own value:
Ace = 1
Face Cards and 10s = 0 (zero)
and all other cards represent their own face value.

First, add the value of your two cards:
Suits do not count
Jack + Six = 6
Three + Four = 7
Queen + Queen = 0
King + Ace = 1

Only single digit values are valid. So, if you get a total of 16 (Eight + Eight), you drop the left digit, and your total is therefore “Six”

A “Natural” is any first two cards totaling Eight or Nine.

Four examples:
Five + Four = 9
Ten + Eight = 8
Ace + Eight = 9
Nine + Nine = 8

So far, that’s fairly simple, and it will become very easy within a few hands of Baccarat.

Here’s where it gets confusing. Read on to learn (and perhaps memorize) the rules…. OR stop reading here, and ignore the following rules. You don’t need to know them – because the Dealers will tell you what to do, and on the mini tables, the Dealer does it for you.

Third Card Rules:

First, if the “Banker” OR the “Player” has a “Natural”, the winner is thereby determined, and play on that hand is finished.

Otherwise, the play continues with the Player having to move first:

Player Third Card Rule:

If the Player has a total of Five or less, a third card would be drawn for the player.

If the Player does NOT take a third card, the Banker would stand on its total of Six or higher, but take a third card on Five or less.

If the Player DOES take a third card, the Banker’s Third Card Rule kicks in:

Banker Third Card Rule:

If the Banker’s total is Two or less, a third card is drawn REGARDLESS of the Player’s third card.

If the Banker’s total is Three, the Banker draws a third card UNLESS the Player’s third card is an Eight.

If the Banker’s total is Four, the Banker draws a third card UNLESS the Player’s third card is: Zero, One, Eight, or Nine.

If the Banker’s total is Five, the Banker draws a third card, UNLESS the Player’s third card is: Zero, One, Two, Three, Eight or Nine.

If the Banker’s total is Six, the Banker draws a third card IF the Player’s third card is a Six or Seven.

If the Banker’s total is Seven, it stands.

If that sounds too complicated, then as I stated earlier…. Forget It! You simply need not know any of the Third Card Rules. You can’t change them, you can’t decide whether or not to use them… they are hard and fast rules that MUST be followed… but the good news is: It’s all done for you via the Dealers.

There are strategies however that will make for exciting wins for you in spite of the fact that you are powerless to alter the game’s outcomes. The strategies lie in How, When, and Where to bet your money. I’ll write about that next time.

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