Money Line Sports Bets Explained

When sports bettors make a moneyline wager, they are betting on the outright winner of the event, without taking the point spread into consideration. Moneyline wagering odds are posted on Major League Baseball, NFL and from the rest of the 5 popular betting sports at most Las Vegas and online sportsbooks. There are still favorites and underdogs, but instead of being handicapped or assisted by head starts or what is called point spreads, the competitors are given odds to win the game or event.

Let’s look at an NFL game where the New Orleans Saints are favorites against the Atlanta Falcons. The odds might look like this:

Saints -150
Falcons +130

If you bet on the Saints, you’ll have to risk $150 to win $100 (or any other variation like $75 to win $50 or $300 to win $200). If you bet on the Falcons, however, you stand to win $130 for every $100 you wager. If the final score of the game is tied, the wager will be graded “Push” and your money will be refunded.

Commission varies from 5 dollars for every $100 wagered up to 20 dollars on every $100 wagered on moneyline bets. It can even be higher if there is a wide price range between the betting favorite and underdog. Bettors should always check the terms and conditions posted at sportsbooks to look for the cutoff points on a 10 or 20 cents line before extra commission is added. A Las Vegas sports bettor may see a heavy favorite priced on the money line at �450 with the return varying between +375 and +350 on the heavy betting underdog. The best practice followed by professional sports bettors is to shop for the best odds and payouts for their betting side at the online or Las Vegas sportsbooks. Las Vegas and online sportsbooks all use very clever terms to describe their commission rate. To describe their commission sportsbooks often describe it as 10 cent or a 20-cent line. Cents sound cheap and its done to keep the commission rate irrelevant in the mind of a novice bettor. In reality 10 or 20 cents is the commission rate on a $1 single bet. A bettor who makes a $100 bet on a game at a 10 cents line is playing into a $10 line or if they are at an establishment that charges a 20-cent line is betting into a $20 line. Sports bettors can calculate the sportsbooks commission by viewing both the favorite and underdogs current prices. Here is an example of betting on a 10 cents line from Major League Baseball:

LA Dodgers +120
NY Mets �130

Had this been a 20 cents line the difference it would look like the following:

LA Dodgers +115
NY Mets �135

As you can see in the 20 cents model the underdog bettor is getting a smaller return for his $100 bet while the favorite bettor must put up 5 dollars more for every $100 returned on a winning bet. Over time this can add up for the professional bettor and that’s why a listener to sports betting radio shows will often hear the professional harp over and over how important it is to shop for the best number and to bet at Las Vegas or online sportsbooks that offers the sports bettor the best odds and charge the least amount of commission. A best practice followed by professionals is to track current odds for online or Las Vegas sportsbooks on the internet and not to get trapped into playing into a bad number at a bad price. Technology has impacted the industry as handheld internet devices have entered the professional bettors hands. The popular Apple IPhone and Verizon Storm allows users to browse the internet at fast speeds throughout their journey’s to Las Vegas sportsbooks to make bets. Since Las Vegas casinos are spread throughout the city professional will track live odds and place his or her bets at the location giving the professional gambler the best value.

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