Get Ahead With Betfair

I am sure all of us could do with some extra money, an amount that would enable us to pay off a few debts or take a much needed break. Well This is possible with lay betting, where you actually lay a bet on something that won’t win. Lay betting began some time ago but has only gained popularity over the last few years because of the growth of betting exchanges.

You can lay a bet using betfair, a site that has won the operator of the year” award and is licensed and regulated by the gambling commission. Betfair has very simple instructions that make it very easy for the user, especially if you are new to the whole concept of betting. To become a member all you need to do is understand the whole concept and then sign up to the website, a very simple approach which helps you earn more.

Being customer centric, betfair ensures that every person who joins and begins betting is able to know what is happening using the advances in technology. Even if you are always on the go, you can receive updates and be connected by setting up and using your mobile. This website provides an insight into further developments and also offers other methods of earning such as refer and earn! Live updates are also available which makes betting simpler and more profitable. Added features such as the betfair calendar and betfair solution ensure that you are regularly updated on any major sporting event.

Betfair also has higher backing prices and more liquidity in the market, which in turn helps users to gain more from the whole betting process. The team at betfair welcome suggestions and ideas warmly, a concept that helps them improve the betting process and gives customers an opportunity to voice their opinions.

With this site you will find that the prices are a lot higher than conventional bookmakers, even with the 5% commission. Also huge prices are available with in running betting. If you want to take a chance with your selection, all you have to do is click on the back odds after the off and in the window put in your stake and the odds you want and submit. Quite often the horse that wins has a large spike in its graph of the odds. If you have left your bet on and the horses odds reach it then it is taken on. Nearly all horses except the winner end up at 999/1 but as there odds go out, if they finish late then you can take advantage of these large odds.

For laying purposes again the changing odds can be used to your advantage. Sometimes in running a horse in the lead can trade at odds on even at three furlongs out. As I write this a horse called steel city boy traded at 1.05 and was beaten by a horse called grazeon gold blend in a 6 furlong sprint. As you can imagine in a sprint there are horses that shoot off in the lead and there are hold up horses that come late. These are the sort of races that change rapidly at the end.

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